Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some of my Minis - Check them out!

Some of my miniatures to share

One image of the table with chair is how I have it set up now in my new dollhouse. There are letters in their envelopes with stamps ready to be sent, a show box with a pair of sneakers in there complete with tissue paper, and there is a book, booklet, vase with a single real dried flower, a pair of leather gloves and my favorite fly swatter. I have a Chanukah menorah I was born into the religion but I am a natural witch, however out of respect I have some things like a Dreidel so tiny I could not find it, the menorah and box of candles, there are tiny candles in there but for some reason you can not see them in any of the images I took of it. If your wondering the menorah was made from Shrinky dink material and then seed beads for feet and each tiny candle holder. Ice cream pop, and all foods you see other than the platter which is a miniature metal platter I got from somewhere were made from clay.





Please click on each thumbnail image or links to see the bigger images and

up close version of these tiny things. All are 1:12 scale (1"inch = 1' Foot) miniatures

Hope you like.

~Tiny Hugs~ from Andrea "Cre8" "Tiny Name but BIG on Crafts, Miniatures, Polymer Clay , Web Photography & More"



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