Thursday, October 11, 2007

Celebrating Our 35th Year With NAME

Only Through Sharing can We Really Enjoy Our Treasures
National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts
Celebrates 35 Years of Miniatures
This blog belongs to Region E-3 Florida member Andrea Herrera AKA Cre8
and region M-1 New York member Pearl Vivies AKA Mini Diva
The Miniature Gazette was established in 1972
This semimonthly publication is distributed to the supporting members of NAME. It alone is worth the cost of membership. The materials published in it is contributed by individuals for the reading enjoyment of NAME members. Chock full of articles, projects, photos and reports related to miniature activities.
Classified Advertising in NAME's Miniature Gazette
Weather or not your a member of NAME or would just like to advertise your miniature related Internet or brick & mortar store front do it in the Miniature Gazette for only 65 Cents per word, and for $25 you can add a logo, photo or artwork.
Interested in Advertising in the next issue?
Send request to:
Dorthy Hansen, Gazette editor
PO Box 1285
Monroe, WA 98272-4285
Now days with all the miniature related websites and auction sites there seem to be less real stores to walk into as well as less visitors showing up to shop the miniature shows.
Many people think they are saving on taxes when in all actuality they are spending more on shipping and handling as well as taking big chances making purchases they can not see the real quality of online as they possibly could if seen in person.
If we wish to keep the hobby of collecting and or even creating dollhouse miniatures alive and well we need to make purchases where ever we are able to. Not just to those shops who have a website and sell only online or on auction sites like Ebay, but have you ever given any thought to calling up a brick & mortar shop that does not have a website and asking them if they will sell and ship to you? I bet if you tried they will.
International Dollhouse & Miniatures Month
Do you know of a Brick & Mortar Shop for purchasing Miniatures and or Dollhouse Hobby related items that is worthy of mention from our blog here?
At no cost to you, just comment to this post letting us know who they are, where they are and what they do, sell, teach etc... You might just be selected to have your mentioned store featured here in our blog. All mentions will be linked or advertised for free. Its just our way of helping to keep the hobby alive and hopefully we can infect some others to open new shops in areas around the globe.
Well it has been my pleasure writing to you this first of many more posts to come. Please bookmark our blog and come back to see what myself, "Mini Diva" Pearl or one of the other guest divas we may have collaberate here may talk about next.

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